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What is a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer?

NETR, Inc. is a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer

NETR has reached the highest level of accreditation from Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Division. We have successfully completed factory training in the areas of applications, sales and service for Mitsubishi products. We are an authorized dealer and have invested much time to obtain personalized, hands-on training at the Mitsubishi Atlanta Training Center (ATC) and also at others of the Mitsubishi-approved Training Centers (MATC). We have done this in order to provide you with the most professional quality installation and maintenance for your Mr. Slim HVAC product. As a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer we offer you the most reliable environmental comfort available with Mitsubishi heating and air-conditioning products.

Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer Extended Parts Warranty

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Division has extended the parts warranty on Mr. Slim for two years, doubling the current standard one-year parts warranty. This Extended Warranty is limited to NETR and other Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers. When you choose to work with NETR you will automatically be provided this warranty at no additional cost.


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