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Whole Building Ductless HVAC Solutions with CityMulti

Whole Building Ductless HVAC Solutions with CityMulti

CITY MULTI is a comprehensive network of Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) technologyFrom the beginning CITY MULTI was designed to be an intelligent, fully-customizable solution for providing comfort conditioning inside a building. CITY MULTI is a comprehensive network of Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) technology products integrated with our advanced CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN).

A CITY MULTI system consists of an outdoor unit with as many as 32 indoor units, of various styles, a BC Controller or manifold and a series of zone or system controllers. The complete system is controlled by our CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN), which ties all systems together and can be interfaced to an existing Building Management System (BMS) via LonWorks® or BACnet® for total building control.

CITY MULTI InstallationsEasy to install

With CITY MULTI, you aren't subject to a long or drawn-out installation process. NETR is trained on the comprehensive but simple, modular approach incorporates compact indoor and outdoor units, a BC Controller (R2-Series) or manifold (Y-Series), plus zone and central controllers. The beauty of this approach is that you greatly reduce the amount of ductwork needed and instead use refrigerant lines, which are much easier and quicker to run. And with minimal line connections required, this method works perfectly for either new or retrofit applications. Indoor units are available in various styles including ceiling-concealed, suspended or recessed, wall-mounted, and floor-mounted designs, which allow your engineer or architect to be as flexible as possible and respond to each zone's unique functional or aesthetic application requirements. Outdoor units have a small footprint and are of minimal weight, which means that you can easily mount them on the roof, in an alleyway, on a ledge, or in other creative places.

Each intelligent indoor unit features advanced electronic expansion valve technology, which allows for the precise amount of cooling or heating to be delivered to each zone as defined by each zone's load at any given time: day or night. No wasted cooling or heating. No wasted energy. In a building, not every room will need cooling or heating at the exact same time. CITY MULTI systems understand this fact. The connected capacity of each CITY MULTI R2-Series system can be up to 150% of the capacity of the outdoor unit by taking advantage of load diversity and simultaneous cooling and heating operation. Each CITY MULTI system efficiently distributes the capacity among the indoor units while effectively using energy.

Quiet indoor and outdoor units.

CITY MULTI is designed to provide the quietest possible operation for both indoor and outdoor environments. Both our indoor and outdoor units operate at minimal sound levels: a major benefit for hospitals and other health care facilities, schools, churches, libraries, radio stations, and recording studios.

The indoor units are super quiet, running from 24 decibels at low speed to about 47 decibels at high speed, which is the same sound level that you expect from a whisper, the inside of a library, or in secluded woods with rustling leaves. In fact our units easily meet indoor noise level standards, which tend to run between 45 and 55 decibels.

CITY MULTI outdoor units perform with a similarly amazing quietness. Units run at about 56 decibels: quiet enough to be placed under a window. In fact, you have to get very close to hear that a unit is even running.


  1. Building Comfort Solutions
    CITY MULTI VRFZ systems offer superior cooling and heating solutions that provide the ultimate in comfort and energy savings. Each individual zone operates independently; different zones can be quietly cooled or heated simultaneously and controlled via the CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN).
  2. Unprecedented Zone and Building Control
    You'll have unprecedented control over every zone in your building with the CMCN. With the addition of the TG-2000 software the system can be expanded to let you control up to 2,000 CITY MULTI indoor units from one location. The TG-2000 software lets building owners and facility managers monitor HVAC energy usage so tenants can be billed individually.
  3. Design Flexibility
    CITY MULTI building comfort solutions use a modular approach so each building area can enjoy superior performance no matter how big, small, or unusual the space. Multiple options for controls and indoor and outdoor units let you design a layout that works for your specific needs. Ceiling height is increased because no large ducts are necessary.
  4. Easy Installation and Maintenance
    Modular installation allows you to integrate the system either floor by floor or zone by zone so that the entire building doesn't have to shut down. Maintenance is made easy by the four-digit fault code on the outdoor unit's diagnostic display and other great features.
  5. Healthier Office
    Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) provide outside air ventilation with the added benefit of energy recovery for a healthier work

Controls Designed With You In Mind

G-50A centralized controller can manage up to 50A single G-50A centralized controller can manage up to 50 indoor units across many systems, providing total system control from a single location. Multiple G-50A centralized controllers can be managed when connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) using Internet Explorer or TG-2000 on a PC. Tenants also can manage their own zone from their networked PC or MAC with parameters set by management to prevent misuse.

Advanced TG-2000 software allows you to manage as many as 40 different G-50A centralized controllers, giving you maximum control of up to 2,000 indoor units. This feature makes the CITY MULTI building comfort solution perfect for controlling an entire office park. Each and every unit is represented with an icon for easy-to-read and comprehensive monitoring. The CMCN also can integrate with your Building Management System (BMS) through LonWorks® and BACnet® industry standards.

The TG-2000 software, when used with Watt Hour Meters (WHM), also gives managers a way to bill tenants individually for their HVAC power usage, simplifying the recovery of operational costs. Billing can be sent to a network printer or saved as a spreadsheet. This capability can be used to create individual, customized HVAC energy bills for each tenant.

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