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Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Ductless Air Conditioner for Residential Cooling Mitsubishi City Multi Ductless Air Conditioner for Commercial HVAC
Cool the spaces that you can't afford to let get hot.

Computer & Server Room Cooling Solutions

Low Ambient Cooling Down to 0 degrees Outdoors

This feature is perfect for computer network centers and telecom equipment rooms that need help to stay cool even during winter months.

Inverter Technology

You can enjoy high-speed cooling consistent delivery of comfort year-round.

No Ductwork

There's no need to shut down for major construction because installation is quick and easy.

Zone Control

You can cool only those spaces desired for maximum control and energy efficiency.


Drier air means healthier air and less damage to equipment.

Advanced Microprocessor Controls

Built-in electronics ensure efficient operation and maximum performance for optimum comfort.

Environmentally Friendly

Mr. Slim systems use an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Mr. Slim systems a higher degree of cooling that outperform and are more energy efficient than conventional systems. Desired room temperature is reached more quickly and maintained more consistently. This eliminates the peaks and valleys of temperature swings that we're used to with older, conventional units.

Low Ambient Operation

This feature, along with the addition of a low-ambient wind baffle, allows for a space to be air-conditioned even when it is as low as 0 degrees outside. This cooling ability is important when dealing with electronic equipment rooms, telecom substations, surveillance mechanical rooms, server rooms, and more.

Installation Service and Maintenance Ease

Outdoor units are designed with easy service and maintenance in mind. Maintenance points are located behind easy-access panels, to make installation and service a breeze for a trained technician. Four way piping access allows connection in four directions: front, rear, right, and bottom (all PUY/PUZ models). Using the new A-Control system, just three polarity sensitive wires, plus a ground conductor, run from the outdoor to the indoor unit providing both power and communication connections. Two non-polar wires connect the indoor unit and wall-mounted controller. This wiring design helps avoid installation errors. An optional wireless remote controller kit is available for the P-Series ceiling-mounted indoor units.

Flexible Control Options

Convenient and efficient zone control means you can cool only the spaces in use. You can even have single or dual controllers connected to one system. The controller does not even have to be in the space shared with the indoor unit, which measures the room temperature. Features include a larger mode display, weekly timer, temperature range setting, setting lock, auto-off, expanded fault codes, and service call number display.


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